Industrial Sector

Canon of Virginia Advanced Cartridge Manufacturing Center

Newport News, VA

Old Dominion Insulation provided mechanical and plumbing insulation services on the 700,000-square-foot high-speed, automated production facility for the manufacturing and recycling of Canon toner cartridges. The building also includes research and development laboratories for advanced robotic manufacturing processes.
The facility contains offices, clean rooms, manufacturing spaces, laboratories, storage areas and support areas. Manufacturing processes in the plant required a number of specialized mechanical and electrical systems.
Completed in 2009, the project finished on time with zero injuries. Old Dominion Insulation contracted with Warwick Plumbing and Heating to perform the work. Clancy & Theys Construction Company was the general contractor.

B.I. Chemicals

Petersburg, VA

In 1996, ODI completed it’s first project at B.I. Chemical.   For 16 years, ODI kept the a daily presence at the facility handling maintenance and capital projects.   The most notable project was Bay-34 expansion that took place at the facilities S-1 building in 2000.

Chaparral Steel

Dinwiddie, VA

ODI was subcontracted by Chaparral to turnkey a freeze-protection system on approximately 20,000 linear feet of utility piping throughout the mill.   The freeze-protection system consisted of thermal insulation, various wattage’s of tracing, electrical feed, and a total of thirty-seven circuits.   The work was installed while the plant was in production at various working heights throughout the mill.   Much of the project was completed as high as forty-five feet above working floor level.   Because of this height factor, and the fact that the work was installed during production, the possibly of injury was a great concern.   ODI worked thoroughly and safely with zero incidents.

Dryers Grand Ice Cream

Laurel, MD

Since 1998, ODI has completed numerous projects at the Dryers Grand Ice Cream facility in Laurel, Maryland.   Projects have been completed directly for Dryers, for ammonia contractors, and for process piping contractors.   In 2006, ODI was an integral contractor in the 225,000 square foot expansion of the Laurel Operations Center.   ODI installed the insulation for the production roof expansion.


Eden, NC

When Gildan, an international textile manufacturing company, wanted to build a textile plant in Eden, North Carolina, Osborne Company was hired to complete the overall construction of the facility.   Osborne hired ODI to provide and install metal-insulated panels for the new, massive plant.

HP Hood Dairy

Winchester, VA

 Among ODI’s most notable refrigeration accomplishments is HP Hood Dairy.   In 2000, ODI completed on of the largest dairy projects on the east coast.   Under the direction of the industrial Refrigeration Services, ODI completed approximately 25,000 linear feet of ammonia chilled-water and ice-water piping along with equipment.

ODI completed over 25,000 Linear Feet of ammonia and ice-water piping.

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