Andrew Cosby has been named Vice President of Preconstrution

January 16, 2017- Andrew Cosby, has been named Vice President of Preconstruction for the Old Dominion Family of Companies.

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Andrew Cosby to Vice President of Preconstruction.  Within his new role, Andrew will ensure the estimating department’s ability to negotiate, price, and bid projects.  He will be the principal representative of the companies to new and existing clients for cost consultation in the project development and design stages.  In his role he will initiate, maintain, and strengthen positive relationships with new and existing clients, with help from our team.  Since joining our family back in 2010, Andrew has fulfilled his role as a project manager, estimating and selling for Old Dominion Firestopping.  His new position will encompass each of the Old Dominion companies.

Andrew brings a wealth of leadership, relationships, and experience to the Preconstruction Department.  As a top graduate of Virginia Tech’s Building Construction program, Andrew’s determination and constant strive for excellence can be seen on all of his projects.  He brings over ten years of construction experience to our team, and continues to perform providing the upmost satisfaction and customer service on each project.

Please join me in congratulating Andrew to Vice President of Preconstruction for our Old Dominion Family.

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